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20 reasons to use our whole pink mountain food salt

20 reasons to use the SALT SELLER whole pink mountain food salt 

1.    The salt was deposited by the drying up of an ancient ocean, millions of years ago, and the formation of the Himalayas compressed it into its high grade crystalline form

2.    the SALT SELLER’s Pink Salt Licks for Horses has become a brand leader, replacing refined salt licks, because they prefer Pink Salt, so use your instincts and “follow that horse!”

3.    Now developed by British Business woman, Lenni Smith, ‘the SALT SELLER’ supplies the human market with premium, wholesome Pink Crystal Salt, branded "Pink Mountain"

4.    The ‘whole’ minerals in 'Pink Mountain' Crystal Salt are in their natural state and are easily assimilated into the body

5.    Well-respected Pink Salt enthusiast, Peter Ferreira, says in his book, Water & Salt that the Pink Salt's essential and trace mineral content match our bodies’ needs

6.    The iron and other minerals give the salt its distinctive pink colour

7.    The salt is ancient, and thus unpolluted and pristine

8.    The salt is 100% whole with no chemical additives

9.    It is naturally free running, in Fine or Coarse grades

10.  Simply washed, milled and packed, so no extraneous manufacturing processes, or refining

11.  Its taste is strong, but not caustic, so doesn’t crack the lips, but expands the palate!

12.  Big salty taste so you can use less, which can help you to stay within the Recommended Daily Allowance

13.  Gives your cooking a full and complex flavour, whether home-made or haute-cuisine

14.  A premium product - priced to be accessible, at just over £2 for 300g Retail Price!

15.  Top Chefs, Food Writers and Nutritionists regard this as a ‘Healthy, Gourmet Salt’

16.  Brings out the best in your baking, even makes bread rise more!

17.  the Salt Seller describes this ‘Pink Mountain Salt’ as a Whole Crystal Salt to differentiate it from inferior ‘rock salts’

18.  Use either Fine or Coarse granules for food preparation or seasoning

19.  Try other salt products like the 4 varieties of Bath Salts, our salt Blocks and Platters for prep, serve, or cook, or our stunning de-ionising Lamps

20.  Buy from a small, friendly company offering personal service and advice on using Pink Salt


Start using this perfect natural condiment and be part of the Whole Salt Revolution.