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About Us

image of owner lenni smith

Hi, I'm Lenni Smith, the SALT SELLER. 

I work from the SALT SELLER office and warehouse in beautiful Herefordshire.

I was amazed at the life-enhancing properties of Himalayan salt and its many uses for people, and their animals.
I started importing this wonderful salt in June 2006 under the company name of the Salt Seller.
My supplier asked me at that time 'Do you love the salt?' I said 'No, It's very pretty and I think It will sell very well in the UK'.
But now after 6 years of buying and selling it and hearing of so many positive experiences of people who have used it - I LOVE THE SALT!!!

I have also been supplying the equine market, my first experience being at BETA equine trade fair in 2006 when visitors literally ran to our stand - they were so pleased to find Pink Mountain quality salt for their horses!

Now I'm enjoying the positive response from users who can now get their Food Salt locally through retailers and local distributors

Our products have been highly regarded across the internet, recieved recogintion by Janey Lee Grace and featured in a variety of national newspapers including The Telegraph, Evening Standard and Daily Mail.

If you missed our Readers’ Special Offers in Alison Cork’s Interiors pages in The Telegraph newspaper, or The Sunday Mail Christmas Lifestyle Supplement, never fear....
We are still running these offers and now anyone can make the most of them: s
croll right through the Special Offer section to discover our great offers on Salty Goodies from each section of our products: Food Salt, Bath Salts, Lamps and Horse Lick Salt!!

Please do look around at the beautiful products you can purchase directly from this website

We can now proudly anounce that The Rolls-Royce Enthusiast's Club have invited the SALT SELLER to appear in their most recent yearbook. 

More information on the SALT SELLER

20 reasons to use the SALT SELLER whole pink mountain salt.

Carrying certified organic approval the SALT SELLER Pink Mountain Food Salt is brought to you from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

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