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Certified organic approval

the SALT SELLER Pink Mountain Food Salt is brought to you from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

The salt gets its distinctive pink colouring from naturally occurring minerals such as iron. Pink salt can be obtained from mountain ranges all over the world but at the SALT SELLER we won't change the country of origin of our pink salt until we can find an alternative source of equivalent quality to our Pink Mountain Salt.

Founder of British business the SALT SELLER, Lenni Smith, says,
“My Whole Pink Mountain Food Salt is a great quality, affordable, ‘gourmet’ food Salt for use in everyday food preparation and seasoning”.

We all need salt in our bodies for the most basic of functions like a healthy nervous system, good digestion, even fluid balance and an appropriate pH level. Unlike ‘table salt’, ‘cooking salt’ and many sea salts, the SALT SELLER Pink Mountain Food Salt is in it's completely natural, unrefined state and is only granulated for ease of use.

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