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Every Body Needs Salt



Lenni Smith t/a the Salt Seller


As one of the UK’s best known pink Himalayan crystal salt brands, Pink Mountain products provide a variety of health benefits which you can enjoy every day.DSC_0326.JPG


  • Pink Mountain is a natural, unrefined product delivering a big, complex flavour


  •  Ideal for foodies, vegetarians, free-from dieters and for whole food enthusiasts


  • Pink Mountain Crystal Salt is a firm favourite of organic and natural food expert Janey Lee Grace


  • Pink Mountain Crystal Salt comes in Fine and Coarse grades, in 1kg packs


  • Since launching in 2008, we have established national sales throughout the whole foods sector and are also stocked by quality retail outlets


  • Ideal for Farm Shops, Delis and Quality Independents as it is now well known and sought by ABC1 consumers


We invite enquiries from Wholesalers and Retailers who would like to stock Pink Mountain Crystal Salt.

We also offer our Candle Holders, which might be a bonus gift idea.

We offer volume loose product to Manufacturing and Food Service clients.


Good margins and product support.

Call: Contact us via our website or sales@thesaltseller.co.uk