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"After a busy day we loved these therapeutic healing salts, great for relief of painful joints and good for eczema"
- Janey Lee Grace

"I'm just enjoying it on my salads, it brings a real zing to fresh veg with cold meat or fish!"
- Kathryn, Herefordshire

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Health & Wellbeing

Bath Salts

the SALT SELLER Bath Salt products offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience. bath salt
They are a blend of various different grades of salt and have dried flower heads added, or other natural salts like the blue and white.

Many people report that they have had great results when using Pink Salt in warm water to treat eczema. The salt soothes the troubled skin surface, it helps to heal the irritated skin, and being naturally anti-bacterial it also fights infection. This is simple, natural, old-style treatment, for less than a prescription charge. No steroidal creams involved nor side effects.

the SALT SELLER Bath Salts are great as gifts for:

  • Hard working friends and members of the family after a day at their desk or on the go
  • Sporty types after a hard work-out
  • Older relatives who can relax and soothe aching joints caused by arthritis and general tiredness
  • Anyone who might fancy a relaxing and refreshing salty bath!