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"After a busy day we loved these therapeutic healing salts, great for relief of painful joints and good for eczema"
- Janey Lee Grace

"I'm just enjoying it on my salads, it brings a real zing to fresh veg with cold meat or fish!"
- Kathryn, Herefordshire

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Food Salt

Pink Himalayan Food Salt

Our brand name is Pink Himalayan food salt because pink crystal salt can be found all over the world in Pink Mountain Food Saltvarious mountain ranges, ours comes from the foothills of the Himalayas.

the SALT SELLER Pink Himalayan Food Salt is for people who enjoy using salt on their food and want a natural, healthier option to refined salt.
It's great to use when creating either exotic or traditional meals for family or friends and it's fantastic in all home baking.

the SALT SELLER Pink Mountain Food Salt satisfies the normal craving for salt which most people experience.
Refined salt does not readily satisfy the body’s cravings because, like all refined products, it has been stripped of what the body wants from it.
People keep craving and eat more and more of these products, but don’t get any benefits.
How many packs of salted peanuts, potato products and crisps are sold every day? Millions!  
This modern phenomenon explains why people eat large amounts of refined salt, to try to get what their bodies crave, plus they eat the totally unnecessary carbohydrate and fat laden products too.

the SALT SELLER Pink Mountain food salt is brought to you from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.