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Recent testimonials from 'Converts' (we have a little hot spot of enthusiasts around Hereford!)

"After a busy day we loved these therapeutic healing salts, great for relief of painful joints and good for eczema"
 Janey Lee Grace

"I threw the Low Salt away and you are correct, Pink Salt is stronger, better flavour and I don't need so much"
Paul of Worcester

"As you once said about being converted to Pink Mountain salt - I'd like to say: Once tasted, all of us will be converted to Pink Mountain salt!"
Marianne of Hereford

I know how good your tea-light lamps are and my friend bought one for her son who suffers terribly from hay fever and since using it has noticed an improvement in his symptoms.
Hannah of Colchester

"I'm just enjoying it on my salads, it brings a real zing to fresh veg with cold meat or fish!"
Kathryn, Herefordshire

"I soaked my eczema ridden hands in warm salted water, and it really has helped!"
Liz, Hereford

"We're loving this salt, it's so different, can we have a lifetime supply?"
Paul, South London

"My eczema has become less irritating, and less infected since I have been bathing in the Salt Seller pink Himalayan salt, what a relief!"
Ms A, Monmouth

"I just had a simple salt bath using the Original Mix and my skin felt so lovely and soft afterwards"
Ms A, Coventry

Your Pink Crystal Salt has helped tremendously, I have bathed in it every couple of days and it is helping to heal the skin and stop further infection - and I feel much better!
Mr C, Monmouth

"In a recipe test when sprinkled on chicken and herbs, then steamed, the flavour which this pink salt brought out was unbelievable!"
Gary Lee, Head Chef, Central London

"I have purchased a 2kg bag of Pink Himalayan Bath Salt - what a delight to use - it works a treat."
Ms T - Kingston Upon Thames