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Totally Natural and Unrefined Whole Rock Salt

Totally Natural and Unrefined Whole Rock Salt

“Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, my whole Pink Mountain food salt comes to you straight from the earth's crust”, says Lenni Smith.

the SALT SELLER Pink Mountain whole salt was deposited millions of years ago by the drying up of ancient oceans. The Himalayan mountain range subsequently formed and compressed the deposited salt into its high grade crystalline form, long before people were polluting the environment. This pristine, ancient salt needs no refining and is also guaranteed additive-free.

the SALT SELLER founder, Lenni Smith says,

“This makes it one of the finest salts in the world, in its natural state our salt is totally whole with nothing taken out making it a perfect match for your body's needs and also giving it the rosy-pink hues for which it is famous”.


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